Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Come on over to my main author site (and blog)

Looks like I haven't posted anything here in awhile!

So come on over to my main author site at www.blairkilpatrick.com.

My author site links to my more active blog at Red Room, the SF-based writer community where I hang out.

Lots of exciting developments as I prepare for the launch of Accordion Dreams in January.  The first official launch event is scheduled for January 23 at The Booksmith, a great indie store in SF. We have a Cajun-Creole dance party/book signing scheduled in February at Ashkenaz, the well known world music club in Berkeley.  Yesterday I got my first invitation to speak in Louisiana, which tickles me!   And next month Sauce Piquante will be playing for the opening reception at the NCIBA (Northern California Independent Booksellers Association) annual trade show.

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